Minimally Invasive Surgery

by Dr. David Bomback

Minimally invasive techniques offer several advantages for patients. A second opinion is recommended to determine which technique would be best for you.


Minimally invasive spine surgery allows surgeons to effectively treat spinal disorders with minimal disruption to the spinal musculature hopefully allowing for more rapid recovery and return to function. A traditional surgical approach involves dissecting the muscles off the bone often creating perioperative pain and a delay in return to full activity. A minimally invasive approach involves dissecting between muscle bellies and inserting small tubes and dilators to gain access to the spinal structures. Surgeons can then perform work on the bone, discs and nerve roots through the small tubes and small incisions. Minimally invasive techniques offer several advantages including decreased surgical blood loss, decreased use of postoperative pain medications, decreased length of hospital stay, and an increased speed of return to daily activities and work. This is an expanding field of lumbar spine surgery, which will clearly grow year by year. Some surgical procedures clearly cannot be performed via a minimally invasive technique while others can be performed equally as effectively in a minimally invasive or a traditional open manner. Often times, this is the preference of specific spinal surgeons.

Our surgeons have been trained and perform all the latest minimally invasive techniques and have the expertise to provide opinions for both conventional “mini-open” surgeries as well as minimally invasive procedures.


Dr. David Bomback

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